The Making of CHEER

CHEER is an herb and flower tincture custom blended by Hannah Garrison of Calm-A-Mama. In addition to being an expert in pant healing, Hannah is a successful entrepreneur, designer and business consultant so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about stress and how to manage it. Hannah’s tinctures are organic botanical water extracts combined with flower essences, designed to provide emotional and physical balance.

We were a little skeptical about flower remedies at first, but after hearing rave reviews and tasting Hannah’s delicious blends we became loyal fans. Can you argue with taking two minutes for yourself to sample a yummy tincture? 

Hannah created the CHEER blend to help us fight off the winter doldrums (hello fatigue, overwhelm, burnout) and so far it’s definitely helped us feel pretty OK about the brutal New England cold.

This week, Hannah chatted with us about the drops she creates for her company, Calm-A-Mama.

What are herb and flower tinctures?

Our tinctures are liquid herbal nutritional supplements — that means that they are drops that you take on your tongue or mix with a cold or hot drink. We make them from all US grown USDA Organic certified herbs and flowers. And they taste really good!

Do they really work?

They do! The amazing thing about combining two types of plant extracts is that you get one that works on the physical on one that works on the emotional. The two layers mean maximum impact!

How are the Cheer drops made?

Calm-A-Mama Cheer Drops are made by creating a herbal hydrosol of Tulsi or Holy Basil and then adding flower essences (or remedies) to it. The herb part is the hysdrosol — which means we extract from the herb using water (as opposed to alcohol or something else). After we make that we add the flower essences, which are scent-free tinctures made from the flowers only, and then diluted in a homeopathic type process. Cheer Drops use the flowers of Hyssop, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Rose.

How did you start making tinctures?

I started playing with flower remedies when I was NINE YEARS OLD! I love that there were remedies safe enough that I could be charged with taking them and combining them myself. And that was just the beginning...

Any advice for beating the winter blues?

I actually love winter! These boots, this tea, this yoga.

  • Get some sun. Your body needs Vitamin D, even when it’s cold outside.

  • Hydrate. The winter is so dry! Go get another glass of water.

  • Move. Even if you only get up RIGHT NOW from your desk and stretch your arms.

  • Breathe. Deep breathing moves around stuck energy. Even 5 minutes per day can be life changing.

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